My main way of sharing with the world my vision about the future and my insights is through public speaking.

At the World Innovation Forum in New York, sharing the stage with Seth Godin and Michael Porter, I discussed the impact the Social Data Revolution has on people, business, and society. Other events in 2010 included the World Marketing Forum, where Dan Ariely and Phil Kotler joined me on stage after my talk with an engaging discussion on the future of marketing. I also enjoy speaking at creative, interdisciplinary events such as South by Southwest, PICNIC and the DLD conference.

My main goal is to challenge the minds of my audience in a lively and engaging way. In addition to speaking at top conferences, I also speak at company events and facilitate workshops that benefit from my deep knowledge about consumer behavior, relentless focus on user experience, and my vision for mobile and social technologies.

My work with both game-changing startups and visionary executives from around the world across industries enables me to anchor cutting-edge ideas with current business needs.

I offer the audience insights into emerging trends, and create possibilities from the shifts in communication behavior of individuals and their attitude to privacy.

: topics :

I am best known for my talks on the future of data. I encourage my audience members to re-think the role of data both within their organization and in the social media, and understand the implications of the ubiquitous data they create forever. My talks focus on actions arising from this abundance of data, and on incentive design to get people to contribute data for their own benefit. This includes issues of data ownership, trade-offs in privacy, and the future of identity.

My new talk - The Future of Relationships - takes companies beyond the traditional transaction economy, rewriting the equations of the business to reflect the true value of the relationship with each customer and their network. I discuss emerging opportunities and new business models that are needed after the irreversible structural changes the Social Data Revolution has brought.

: corporate events :

I have given talks at a diverse set of companies, including Alibaba, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, Metro Group, Morgan Stanley, Nokia, Tencent, Thomson Reuters, Sony, Volkswagen, and to many airlines. My corporate engagements range from speaking at leadership events to private briefings for executives, where I share critical trends, useful insights, and fresh perspectives.

In addition to my regular teaching at Stanford University. I offer custom executive courses and teach a course on the Digital Networked Economy in executive MBA programs in China and Europe.

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: list of speeches :

2012 May 23, 2012   Las Vegas, NV -
Data Science Summit: "Changed Forever: Our Lives, Our Economy, Our World" A Conversation with Jim Frederick : Editor, TIME International

  May 18, 2012   Los Angeles, CA -
Customer Centricity: The Art of Social Data

  May 17, 2012   San Diego, CA -
Sony Summit: "Innovation with Social Data"

  May 16, 2012   Seattle, WA -
Privacy Identity and Innovation: Keynote

  May 9, 2012   Bogota, Colombia -
Expo Marketing

  Apr 25, 2012   San Francisco, CA -
Advanced Analytics and Big Data Innovation: "The Future of Social Data vs Social Media" (with John Milinovich, Google)

  Apr 17, 2012   Phoenix, AZ -
Early Warning Summit: "Social Data is the New Oil"

  Apr 10, 2012   San Francisco, CA -
Data is the New Oil: "The Journey from Privacy to Publicy"

  Apr 4, 2012   San Jose, CA -

  Mar 14, 2012   Bogota, Colombia -
ETB Event

  Mar 5, 2012   San Francisco, CA -
Identity Wars: The Battle for Personal Data. Predictive Analytics World [video]

  Feb 27, 2012   Half Moon Bay, CA -
Big Data Panel

  Feb 26, 2012   Half Moon Bay, CA -
Innovation Workshop [register]

  Feb 8, 2012   San Francisco, CA -
Big Data War Stories [video]

  Jan 22-24, 2012   Munich, Germany -
Digital Life Design Conference: Conversation with Christoph Franz, CEO of Lufthansa [video]

  Jan 18-19, 2012   Singapore -
NTU Ventures: Master Class [video]

  Jan 12, 2012   Bangkok, Thailand -
BOI Fair and SIPA: "The Impact of Social Media"

2011 Dec 29, 2011   Shanghai, China -
Technode China Fireside Chat: "Big Data, Smart Metrics, and Consumer Behavior"  [ slides]

  Nov 22, 2011   Shanghai, China -
Conde Nast, Digital China 2011: "How the Social Data Revolution Changes the Way Consumers Make Decisions"  [GQ | Vogue | Self | slides]

  Nov 10, 2011   Washington, DC -
DCweek: "Dating and Data"

  Nov 8, 2011   New York City, NY -
United Nations (General Assembly): "Data is the New Oil"

  Oct 25-26, 2011   San Francisco, CA -
Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference

  Oct 12-13, 2011   Boston, MA -
Cleverbridge Networking Event: "Customer Centricity: The Art of Social Data" [slides]

  Oct 5-6, 2011   Half Moon Bay, CA -
Thomson Reuters Annual HubbardOne Innovative Forum: "Unlocking the Power of Information"

  Sep 28, 2011   London, UK -
The Royal Society of the Arts: "Consumer Data and Decisions"

  Sep 22, 2011   Sao Paulo, Brazil -
Thomas M. Cooley Symposium: "Pimps, Prostitutes, and Privacy: The Economics of Social Data"

  Sep 20-21, 2011   New York, NY -
Launchpad at Strata (O'Reilly Big Data Conference): "Consumer Data and Decisions: How the Social Data Revolution Transforms Everything from Travel to Retail" (Panel)

  Sep 14, 2011   Bonn, Germany -
Future of Mobility (Keynote)

  Jul 13, 2011   San Jose, CA -
Adobe thought leader series Big Data Analytics: Mobile, Social & Web Thought Leaders

  Jun 8, 2011   Santa Clara, CA -
The Economist: The Data Deluge conference

  Apr 7-9, 2011   Barcelona, Spain -
Visa Insights (Keynote)

  Apr 4, 2011   San Francisco, CA -
Data 2.0 Conference: Reflections in a Digital Mirror

  Mar 29, 2011   San Francisco, CA -
Web 2.0 Expo: Creating San Francisco's Most Useful Apps

  Mar 25, 2011   Oakland, CA -
Social Media for Small Business

  Mar 23, 2011   Las Vegas, NV -
Merchant Risk Council Keynotes

  Mar 15, 2011   San Francisco, CA -
Predictive Analytics World  [mp3]

  Feb 23, 2011   San Francisco, CA -
SF New Tech: "Sharing (of Data) is Caring"

2010 Nov 17-18, 2010   Lisbon, Portugal -
World Marketing Forum (Portugal)

  Nov 15-16, 2010   Madrid, Spain -
World Marketing Forum (Spain)

  Nov 15-16, 2010   Madrid, Spain -
World Marketing Forum (Spain)

  Nov 8, 2010   Mountain View, California -
KIT Panel - NASA Ames

  Nov 2, 2010   Palo Alto, California -
Stanford: Hacking Marketing

  Oct 27, 2010   Palo Alto, California -
Accel Symposium

  Sep 30-Oct 3, 2010   Athens, Greece -
WPP Stream

  Sep 22-24, 2010   Amsterdam, Netherlands -

  Sep 13, 2010   Beijing, China -
Peking University

  Sep 8, 2010   San Jose, California -
Symantec eCommerce

  Aug 10, 2010   San Francisco, California -
San Francisco Mayor's Office

  Jul 29-30, 2010   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -

  Jul 28-29, 2010   New York, New York -
GE CMO Summit

  Jul 21, 2010   San Francisco, California -
Geo-loco conference

  Jun 23-24, 2010   Santiago, Chile -
Congreso de Marketing y Ventas

  Jun 21-22, 2010   Monterey, California -
Pebble Beach Smart Cities IBM

  Jun 8-9, 2010   New York, New York -
World Innovation Forum

  Jun 3, 2010   Prague, Czech Republic -

  May 26, 2010   Madison, Wisconsin -

  May 9-10, 2010   Bogota, Colombia -

  May 3, 2010   San Francisco, California -
Intuit Innovation Day

  Apr 20, 2010   San Francisco, California -
MIT/Stanford VLAB Real-time Web

  May 26, 2010   Peking, China -

  Feb 27, 2010   Madison, Wisconsin -

  Feb 19, 2010   San Francisco, California -
Stanford CEO (Chinese Entrepreneurs Association)

  Feb 16-18, 2010   San Francisco, California -
Predictive Analytics: "The New Data Economy"

  Feb 1-3, 2010   Zurich, Switzerland -
Workshop on "The Future of Relationships"

  Jan 15, 2010   Shenzhen, China -

2009 Dec 7-8, 2009   Berkeley, California -
Social Fusion

  Dec 1-3, 2009   San Francisco, California -

  Oct 28-29, 2009   London, United Kingdom -

  Nov 4, 2009   Helsinki, Finland -

  Oct 28-29, 2009   Milan, Italy -
World Business Forum Europe

  Oct 26-27, 2009   Buenos Aires, Argentina -
World Business Forum Argentina

  Aug 18-19, 2009   Sao Paulo, Chile -
Forum Mundial de Marketing e Vendas

  Jul 10, 2009   Redwood City, California -
Techcrunch: Real Time Roundtable

  Jul 1-2 2009   Mexico City, Mexico -
Foro Mundial de Marketing y Ventas [blog | mp3]

  Apr 17, 2009   Palo Alto, California -
Virtual Gifts vs Real Gifts?

  Feb 25, 2009   San Francisco, California -
Facebook Developer Garage: "What App and Game Devs Can Learn From" [youtube-1 10:14 | youtube-2 4:30]

  Feb 19, 2009   San Francisco, California -
Predictive Analytics: "The Unrealized Power of Data" [slides | mp3]

  Feb 5, 2009   Barcelona, Spain
Canalys Channels Forum: "The Four Myths of E-commerce in 2009" [summary video 7:53]

  Feb 3, 2009  Noordwijk, Netherlands -
F-Secure Species Conference: "The Consumer Data Revolution" [slides | mp3]

2008 Nov 4, 2008 San Francisco, California -
Widget Summit: "Widget Data Strategies" [pdf | mp3 | video]

  Oct 30, 2008  Singapore, Singapore -
The New Business Model: "Me-business" Shaw Foundation Distinguished Lecture (Singapore Management University)

  Oct 14, 2008  Seoul, Korea -
World Knowledge Forum "Web3.0" [mp3] and Open Web Asia

  Sep 30-Oct 1, 2008  Wiesbaden, Germany -
Deutscher Versandhandelskongress 2008: "The Voice of the Customer: Kundenkommunikation als die neue Herausforderung", "Marketing im Web 2.0" (tutorial)

  Sep 23, 2008 Oslo, Norway -
Multikanalmarkedsføring: "The Economics of Consumer Data: The New Online Individualism"

  Sep 10, 2008 UC Berkeley, California -
Distinguished Lecture, School of Information (iSchool)

  Jul 21-23, 2008  Half Moon Bay, California -
FORTUNE Brainstorm TECH: "Digital Exhibitionism: The Future of Relationships?" (with Esther Dyson and Shoshana Zuboff) [mp3 | transcript, see also blog post

  May 7-8, 2008  San Jose, California -
IBM Almaden Institute: "The Consumer Data Revolution: Who Pays Whom?" [pdf | wmv (42:30)]

  Mar 9, 2008  Austin, Texas -
South by South West (SxSW08): "The Science of Designing Interactions" (with Mingyeow Ng, revised slides)

  Jan 21, 2008  Munich, Germany -
Digital Lifestyle Design DLD08: "The Future of Digital China," (with Chauncey Shey)
2007 Nov 26, 2007 Berlin, Germany
Die ZEIT & Robert Bosch Stiftung: "Conversational Marketing: Das Web als Ort des Dialogs"

  Nov 16, 2007  Stockholm, Sweden
Incordia: "E-Business, Me-Business, and We-Business: The Impact of Social Media" mp3

  Nov 15, 2007  Stockholm, Sweden -
SIME07: "Privacy?!?" with Dave Holtzman mp3

  Nov 6-8, 2007  Berlin, Germany -
Web 2.0 Expo
  • Marketing 2.0: Get Conversational!, with Darryl Feldman and Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach
  • Trends in E-Commerce and the Widgetization of the World, with Mehrdad Piroozram
  • People & Data: How Gathering, Using and Selling of Data is Changing, with Jonathan Laventhol mp3
  • Metrics and Analytics for Web 2.0, with Christian Sauer and Sam Yagan mp3

  May 3, 2007  Helsinki, Finland -
Itella: "Feedback Marketing" mp3 (talk), mp3 (Q&A part1), mp3 (Q&A part2)

  Apr 25-26, 2007  Mainz, Germany -
Web 2.0 Kongress 2007 (co-chair): "Social Search, Collective und Competitive Intelligence" mp3 discussion Pirkner/Weigend: mp3 video

  Mar 28, 2007  Köln, Germany -
Tag des Wirtschaftsjournalismus: "Von Zielgruppen zu Spielgruppen: Das Web als soziales Medium"

  Mar 24, 2007  Singapore, Singapore -
Nexus 2007: "The Future of the Web" web-mentions

  Jan 29-30, 2007  Zürich, Switzerland -
GDI: (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute) "Mapping Marketing 2.0"

2006 Dez 20, 2006  Singapore, Singapore -
The Digital Movement: "From E-Business to Me-Business"

  Nov 16, 2006  Copenhagen, Denmark -
Danish E-Business Association and JupiterResearch: "Social Search, Discovery and the Long Tail"

  Oct 10-11, 2006  Offenbach, Germany -
Co-chair of Web 2.0 Kongress: "Web 2.0: A basis for innovation and business?" slides (pdf) and "Web 3.0: Wie geht's weiter?"

  Sep 27-28, 2006  Mainz, Germany -
Business Intelligence 2006: "The predictive enterprise: Creating transparency and making decisions" slides (pdf)

  Sep 20-21, 2006  Düsseldorf, Germany -
OMD (Online Marketing): "Von Targeting zu Discovery: Transparenz und Konvergenz im Web 2.0"

  Sep 8-10, 2006  Berlin, Germany -
IFA Convention: "Discovery in the Digital Universe," and "Soziale Netzwerke und die Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit: Wie das Aal-Prinzip die Welt verändert"

  Aug 10 - Sep 1, 2006  Vienna, Austria -
Bertelsmann's Mastering Paradigm Shifts in Marketing: "Participation, Interaction and Discovery in the Networked Attention Economy" transcript (rtf), mp3

  May 23, 2006  Minneapolis, Minnesota -
Statistical Challenges in E-Commerce Research Symposium: "The Importance of Web 2.0/3.0 for E-Business" transcript (rtf), mp3 part1, mp3 part2,

  May 22, 2006  Chicago, Illinois -
Retail Systems: "Commerce in the Age of Web 2.0/3.0" transcript (rtf), mp3 part1, mp3 part2, mp3 part3

  May 11, 2006  Hamburg, Germany -
SinnerSchrader: "E-Business: The next 10 years" blog

  Feb 16-17, 2006  Barcelona, Spain -
Ogilvy GSM Conference: "Intention, Attention, and Interaction"

  Feb 13-14, 2006  Düsseldorf, Germany -
Global Retail Technology Forum: "The Future of Discovery"

  Feb 6-9, 2006  Köln, Germany -
Customer 2006: "Der aktive Kunde im Web: Chancen nutzen, Risiken managen"

2005 Nov 25, 2005  Madrid, Spain -
Instituto de Empresa Business School: "Engaging Customers to Create Value"

  Nov 18, 2005  Berlin, Germany -
Inaugural Speech at Interdisciplinary Center for Ubiquitous Information: "Das Aal Prinzip: Andere arbeiten lassen"

  Nov 2, 2005  Singapore, Singapore -
INSEAD Entrepreneurship Keynote:"Web 2.0: Getting Users to Participate" slides (pdf)

  Sep 22, 2005  Tokyo, Japan -
Keynote at Retail Technology Summit Tokyo

  Sep 19, 2005  Kiwah Island, South Carolina -
Diamond Cluster Summit (Diamond Exchange): "Agility Through Fast Feedback"

  Sep 8, 2005  Wellesley, Massachusetts -
Babson Executive Education E-Business Thought Leadership: "Discovering the Long Tail"

  Aug 22, 2005  Göteborg, Sweden -
Keynote at Dialogkonferansen

  Jun 1-3, 2005  Berlin, Germany -
Keynote at BVM Jubiläumskongress: "Klicks, Blogs und Tags: Perspektiven für die Marktforschung"

  May 27, 2005  Bilbao, Spain -
Lecture at The Guggenheim: "The Attention Economy"

  May 19-20, 2005  Zürich, Switzerland -
Keynote at GDI (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute) : "To Buy or Not to Buy — Experiments in the Multi-channel World"

  Mar 21-23, 2005  Zürich, Switzerland -
Keynote at GOR - General Online Research Conference: "People and Data"

  Feb 17, 2005  Minneapolis, Minnesota -
Carlson School, U of Minnesota: "Marketing in the Search Society"

  Feb 8, 2005  San Francisco, California -
Technology Transfer Institute / Vanguard: "All That Data..."

  Jan 8, 2005  Shanghai, China -
Tongji University: "The Search Society — Die Gesellschaft auf der Suche"

2004 Dec 25, 2004  Shanghai, China -
JiaoTong University: E-business in China: Jack Ma and Andreas Weigend

  Oct 18-19, 2004  Las Vegas, Nevada -
Keynote at M2004 (SAS Conference on Data Mining): "People and Data: Understanding Customer Behavior" slides (pdf)

  Sep 29, 2004  Berkeley, California -
Distinguished Lecture at SIMS

  Sep 27-28, 2004  Palm Desert, California -
Keynote at Computerworld Business Intelligence Perspectives

  Jul 21-22, 2004  San Francisco, California -
Frontiers in Distributed Information Systems

  Jun 24, 2004, 2004  Chemnitz, Germany -
Keynote at Data Mining Cup 2004 (Abstract)

2003 Nov 6, 2003  Berlin, Germany -
Keynote at Internetökonomie: "E-Commerce 2020: Perspectives from Business — Visions for Research"

  Aug 26, 2003  Washington, D.C. -
Invited talk at KDD-2003 (ACM Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)

  Aug 1, 2003  Toronto, Canada -
Co-organized SIGIR workshop "Implicit Measures of User Interests and Preferences"

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