For the last eight years I have been teaching at Stanford. The current course (next taught Spring 2011) focuses on the impact of the Social Data Revolution on the decisions of individuals, companies, and society. This popular course has evolved from a graduate level course on data mining and e-commerce that was created from my key insights of working with Jeff Bezos at

My teaching is grounded in my knowledge of consumer decision making, how this is changing with social data. I am also fortunate to bring to the classroom lessons from the boardroom of large companies as well experiences from advising startups, several founded by formers students.

Stanford University, Dept. of Computer Science, Mining Massive Data Sets (CS 341)

This course is an advanced project based course. Students will work on data mining and machine learning algorithms for analyzing very large amounts of data such as Walmart's transactions or a whole month of Twitter's data stream (~3 billion tweets).

This class is next offered in Spring 2012.

University of California, Berkeley, School of Information, Social Data Revolution (INFO 290A-03)

In the eight years since it was founded, Facebook has changed the way a billion people think about their identity and friendships. Amazon has changed the way a billion people think about purchases. And Google has changed the way a billion people think about information.

The ease of communication and connection has changed the world, including the expectations of work and play. This five-afternoon course begins with the two data revolutions--the first about passively collected data (clicks on the web, location of mobile devices, communication patterns between individuals),the second about actively contributed data, as social data platforms like Facebook empower individuals to create and share a variety of quantitative and qualitative data (transactions, photos, social relations, intention, attention gestures, and much more).

With active student participation, we explore the far-reaching implications of the social data revolution for individuals, communities, business, and society.

This class is next offered in Fall 2012.

Stanford University, Dept. of Management Science & Engineering (MS&E 237)

The world is witnessing a dramatic shift in the attitudes of individuals towards data about themselves and about their relationships with others. Creating, sharing, storing, and distributing data has become trivial. The amount of data a person generates doubles every 1.5 years. But what shall we collect, how can we get people to share mobile and social data, and what applications can we build that they really want?

Moving beyond graph and guess, push and pray, launch and learn, this course uses state-of-the art examples to highlight the underlying principles for successful applications that create value for the user and the company.

This course is known for its lively conversations with guests who share their first hand experiences. Past speakers include Reid Hoffman (Executive Chairman and co-Founder at LinkedIn), Jeff Hammerbacher (Chief Scientist at Cloudera), Jan Pedersen (Chief Scientist for Core Search at Microsoft), Joshua Shachter (founder of In 2010, we had Esther Dyson (Technology Investor at EDventure Holdings), Peter Hirshberg (former Head of Enterprise Marketing at Apple), and the founders of, Blippy, Rapleaf and Skout come to class.

This course thrives on the exciting mix and diverse backgrounds of students from computer science, engineering, psychology and business.

A central part of the course is a term-long group project where students embark on innovative data-driven ideas, such as applying geo-location to dating; creating a discovery system for the real-time web, and exploring new ways of doing business in the social data revolution.

This class was offered in Spring 2011.

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The Digital Networked Economy
Tsinghua University, Beijing (joint executive MBA program with INSEAD)
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Beijing and Guangzhou

Marketing 2.x
Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley

Digital Exhibitionism: The Future of Relationships?
School of Information, University of California at Berkeley

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The materials developed for my regular courses are the basis for customized executive education that brings top business schools to your company. I share my understanding of the fast-changing business landscape and cutting-edge trends in mobile and social technologies.

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In addition to my extensive industry experience, my teaching is based on 15 years of academic research, which has resulted in over 100 published papers. After my Ph.D. at Stanford, I was a post-doc at Xerox PARC and a fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. Subsequently I was full-time faculty, first Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and then Associate Professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

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